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Need Help? Next Steps

Step 1

Call the Coordinated Entry System (CES) of Chicago at (312) 361-1707

  • All of North Side Housing's housing programs operate through referrals from the CES. 

  • Over the phone, complete a housing assessment with CES. They will ask questions about your current situation, health status, etc to effectively connect you with housing programs in Chicago based on your needs.  

  • CES will place you on a prioritized waiting list according to your situation and needs.  

  • You must call CES every 60 days to remain active in the system and provide your up-to-date contact information. When your name is pulled off the list, a case manager has 10 days to contact you. If you are unreachable in that time, they will move on to the next eligible person on the list and you will have to restart the process.  

  • If you prefer to complete a housing assessment in person, please click here to find a location

Step 2

To Access Shelter: Call 3-1-1 or 312-744-5000 

  • to inquire about open beds and request transportation to a shelter within the City of Chicago. 

  • North Side Housing does NOT maintain our own waiting list for our men's emergency shelter.                                                        All referrals come through 3-1-1​

Step 3

Call our Day Support Services Center at 773-244-6401 

  • DSSC eligibility requirements are:

    • Adults 18+ in Chicago​

    • unmarried and have no children staying with you

    • currently experiencing homelessness: living in a shelter, staying in any place not meant for habitation (such as a car, park, abandoned building, train, etc), fleeing domestic violence, or being evicted

    • income less than $16,100/ year ($1,341/month)

  • DSSC offers case management services and other support:

    • benefits applications (SNAP, Medicaid)​

    • Obtaining state ID cards, birth certificates, Social Security cards

    • housing assessments

    • referrals

    • food pantry

    • clothing closet

    • mailing address 

    • community health nurse

  • DSSC can assist individuals with finding housing at market rate, but does not maintain its own housing waiting list. 

Please Note:

  • North Side Housing does NOT own or maintain its own housing for our clients. 

  • North Side Housing does NOT maintain its own housing program waiting list.

       ALL housing program referrals go through the CES (312) 361-1707

  • North Side Housing does NOT maintain a waiting list for our men's shelter.

       ALL shelter referrals must go through 311

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