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Healthcare is a human right. We practice this value through our Integrated Health Program by providing on-site medical and mental health services to improve quality of life. It's comprised of HEAP and Clinical Mental Health services. These comprehensive services include but are not limited to:

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What we do


HEAP connects interested Permanent Supportive Housing clients with nursing services. By providing nursing services directly through its program, it eliminates all barriers related to insurance or brief appointment times that they would otherwise experience with healthcare providers.

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Our nurse meets with our most vulnerable participants where it's most convenient for them like in the their home, out in the community, health clinics, the grocery store, or in our office. She coordinates with a wide variety of medical providers to help clients obtain needed prescriptions, screenings, and specialist visits.

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We have a contracted licensed professional who provides mental health services to all our participants. They can meet with individuals one time to verify a mental health disability in order for them to be enrolled into a housing program or become eligible for other public benefits. They also provide one-on-one therapy, life skills training, and workshops for participants and staff. While the range of issues addressed in therapy is limitless, themes that emerge include the transition from homelessness to housing, familial issues, substance use, and many other day-to-day stressors.

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