About Us


Our mission is to end homelessness in the lives of individuals by providing housing and comprehensive supportive services. We also strive to eradicate the conditions that cause, contribute to and exacerbate homelessness.

In 1983, members of three congregations along with other Lakeview citizens concerned about the issue of homelessness in the Lakeview community started an overnight, emergency shelter located in the lower levels of the Lake View Lutheran Church and Wellington Ave. United Church. The two sites provided a temporary “home” to hundreds of men and women over the years.

Today, North Side Housing and Supportive Services is a comprehensive human services agency focusing on ending and preventing homelessness. Respect and empathy are as important in rebuilding lives as food, housing and supportive service. Dedicated staff and volunteers empower our consumers with skills and motivation.


  • Homelessness is not who people are, but a challenging societal¬†issue¬†that North Side Housing and Supportive Services and other agencies are working diligently to end.
  • Every person regardless of his or her situation deserves to be treated with dignity and respect
  • Everyone has an individualized optimal level of capacity-. North Side Housing and Supportive Services ensures that our consumers have what is needed to build their capacity to whatever their optimal capacity level is; no one person is the same and therefore goals are individualized and not generalized
  • The value of a person at North Side Housing and Supportive Services is not measured by his or her situation at any given time, but by the very fact they are human beings.